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Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (Maine)

Training that Meets the Needs of Maine’s Environmental Professionals

Water Pollution Control and Water Quality Protection

NEIWPCC has managed the Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC) since 1985.

JETCC was established in 1985 to coordinate training that meets the needs of Maine’s environmental professionals.

JETCC, together with the Maine Department of Environmental protection, coordinates the training of Maine’s environmental professionals.

Traditionally, JETCC is focused on organizing and conducting training programs for wastewater treatment plant operators. But under the guidance of NEIWPCC’s Leeann Hanson, JETCC’s coordinator, its role has been expanding in recent years.

JETCC has begun targeting more training at drinking water operators. In recent years, the program has been contracted by state agencies and environmental groups to deliver specialized training to diverse audiences.

These include septic system installers, emergency response personnel, air pollution control observers, hazardous materials handlers, and contractors who specialize in erosion control.

Training Courses

Twice each year, JETCC publishes a schedule of continuing education and certification training courses. To develop these courses, we rely on carefully selected focus groups to provide direction and insight on topics and content.

Our instructors are experts in their fields. They might be professional trainers and water pollution control professionals, representatives from equipment and supply manufacturers, staff from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other regulatory agencies, municipal leaders and officials, or employees of engineering and consulting firms.

Most of our programs are approved by Maine DEP for training credits towards its Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Program. Many programs are approved by the Maine Board of Licensure of Water System Operators for Drinking Water Operator training.

Increasingly, our contract programs and projects also meet the educational needs and qualifications of many professional certifications.

Supporting Environmental Professionals

From its roots in wastewater training, JETCC has built a strong system of partnerships to provide educational and networking opportunities for many specialized disciplines. We take pride in our strong working relationship with Maine DEP, Maine DHHS and other regulatory agencies.

We work closely with the Maine Water Environment Association on water pollution control issues and with other related organizations such as the Maine Water Utilities Association.

JETCC operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors appointed by the Commissioner of the DEP. The board is composed of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment personnel and local government representatives.

NEIWPCC runs JETCC under a contract from Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection.

To contact JETCC, call 207-253-8020.


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