cover image of Interstate WatersNEIWPCC marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act (CWA) in the Spring 2022 issue of “Interstate Waters.” This landmark environmental legislation, which has defined how the nation’s water resources are protected and restored, has led to tremendous progress in cleaning up our waterways. However, new challenges continue to arise, requiring NEIWPCC’s ongoing attention and efforts.

In a series of featured essays, NEIWPCC’s leadership offers their reflections and perspectives on the impact of the CWA, as well as the need for new advocates to drive forward its modernization.

Executive Director Susan Sullivan leads off, explaining how the CWA was created in response to increased public concern for the environment and for the condition of the nation’s water. She provides some background and history of the overwhelming pollution in the nation’s waterways, which led to the establishment of water quality standards.

Richard Friesner, director of water quality programs, then explores the ongoing struggle to define “Waters of the United States,” through legal challenges and court rulings. Christina Stringer, director of wastewater and onsite programs, writes of the urgent need to address harmful emerging contaminants found in our water bodies. And finally, Heather Radcliffe, director of water resource programs and staff attorney, further explains how the CWA, despite its successes, continues to face many new complex issues, and needs a new generation of champions to make further progress.

Readers can also learn about the development of the country’s first fully integrated sludge composting system, in a story shared by longtime NEIWPCC Commissioner Nelson Thibault, who served as the project’s onsite construction manager in the 1970s.

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