NEIWPCC, in cooperation with the Long Island Sound Study National Estuary Program and its partners, is inviting proposals for the development of a GIS-based eelgrass habitat suitability model. Eelgrass is considered a priority habitat for conservation and restoration in the Long Island Sound Study Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. Eelgrass meadows provide nursery habitat and food sources for key species, help reduce coastal erosion, and improve water quality. However, eelgrass has dramatically declined in the Sound due to a die-off induced by wasting disease.

The results of the project will update and enhance the existing Long Island Eelgrass Habitat Suitability Index Model to include data surrounding new threats, environmental conditions, and needs. The revised model will also expand the evaluation of sites being considered for eelgrass restoration efforts and will identify areas where environmental or climate factors reduce or eliminate the potential for natural eelgrass colonization.

There is $200,000 available for this project and it is anticipated that one successful project will be chosen. Applicants must submit proposals no later than 12 p.m. on May 31.

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For questions regarding submission of proposals, please contact Alex DuMont.