Along the coast of New Hampshire, water quality improvements, eelgrass restoration, oyster aquaculture, and the local food movement come together in this episode of the “Clean Water Pod” podcast. Listeners will learn about research taking place in the Great Bay estuary – part of the U.S. EPA’s National Estuaries Program – and efforts to reduce nutrient pollution, the growing local oyster aquaculture industry, and its impact on seasonal menus.

Host Jeff Berckes speaks with four guests: Ted Diers, assistant director of the Water Division at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services; Dr. Kalle Matso, director of the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership; Jay Baker, founder and owner of Fat Dog Shellfish Company; and Evan Mallett, owner and chef of Black Trumpet Restaurant and Bar, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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About The Clean Water Pod

Through perspectives and stories from across the country, the “Clean Water Pod” explores the challenges and successes of restoring and protecting water quality through the Clean Water Act 303(d) program.

This podcast is funded by a grant through the U.S. EPA and produced by Flip the Field and NEIWPCC.

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