NEIWPCC’s annual state summaries are now available on its website. These two-page reports provide a breakdown of NEIWPCC’s work from 2022-2023 in each member states, as well as collectively across the region.  

The state summaries highlight some of the most pressing clean water challenges facing the Northeast, including Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), climate change impacts, invasive species and nitrogen pollution; and present NEIWPCC’s programs and projects to address these concerns. 

As a regional commission, NEIWPCC’s work frequently crosses state lines. This year, NEIWPCC hosted four conferences, which provided the opportunity for collaboration with other water professionals and stakeholders on both a regional and national level. Executive Committee and Commission meetings throughout the year also gave leaders in the states’ environmental and health agencies, as well as experts from the private sector and EPA representatives, a space to identify and discuss water-related concerns. 

To learn more about NEIWPCC’s work for each state, view the reports below: