NEIWPCC has issued an updated source water protection toolkit, which is now available for use by municipal and regulatory officials throughout the seven member states. The document provides information and resources to stakeholders on how they can better protect drinking water sources in their communities. An accompanying outreach guide is also available on our website.

The toolkit has 10 chapters and includes information on contemporary issues such as climate change and PFAS. Other topics include: 

  • Source water protection opportunities. 
  • Land use. 
  • Hazardous materials and contaminants of emerging concern.
  • Septic systems.
  • Stormwater.
  • Funding resources and application information.

These updates were made by a team of NEIWPCC staff using input from the Source Water Protection Workgroup. For more information, contact Ian Dulin at


Document cover featuring title an dan image of a river in the fall