Cover image of the Fall 2022 issue of "Interstate Waters" magazine.NEIWPCC commemorates its 75th anniversary in the Fall 2022 issue of “Interstate Waters.” This milestone represents the efforts of thousands of industry professionals across NEIWPCC member states – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont – to preserve and advance water quality.

In this anniversary issue, a timeline guides readers through the evolution of seven and a half decades of NEIWPCC priorities, initiatives, and achievements. Significant national and regional events and legislation that helped shape the water industry, and NEIWPCC’s work, are also included.

Additionally, commissioners share their perspectives on the role and accomplishments of NEIWPCC, the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, as well as learnings and stories from their careers. These reflections take shape as both a new video series as well as written accounts.

“Interstate Waters” is published twice a year and is available in both digital and print formats. NEIWPCC welcomes and appreciates questions, comments, and story ideas for publication. To receive a printed copy of “Interstate Waters,” or to send feedback, email the Communications Division at Type “Subscribe to Interstate Waters” in the subject field and include your full mailing address. Please indicate whether you also wish to be added to NEIWPCC’s monthly e-newsletter, “Streamlined,” and include your email address, or subscribe here.