NEIWPCC will continue the National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar Series under the rebranded name of “Restoring Our Impaired Waters National 303(d) Webinar Series.” The EPA-funded webinar series launched in 2016 to provide training and technical assistance to 303(d) program personnel from states, tribes, territories, and the EPA. The series aims to build stakeholder capacity to respond to emerging challenges as states implement the 303(d) program.

An algal bloom on Mirror Lake in Wisconsin.

A nationally representative planning team will evaluate, develop and host webinars related to priority areas such as climate change resilience, environmental justice and equity, contaminants of emerging concern, and effective communication to stakeholders and the public.

Additionally, NEIWPCC will develop a new 303(d) partner training program to build capacity for non-governmental stakeholders, tribes, territories, and local governments to partner with government agencies to advance 303(d) implementation. The series and related online resources will support potential partners in building knowledge and technical skills.

The partner training program will leverage the existing frameworks that support the National 303(d)/TMDL Webinar Series to provide free, online resources that are engaging and informative. The training agenda and schedule will be determined by a dedicated planning team with input from the EPA and other partners.

All webinars will be hosted by NEIWPCC and announced on

Please contact Courtney Botelho for more information about the program, to apply to present a webinar, or to join a planning team.

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