Developing A Climate Resilience Vision

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 | Posted in News

Waterfront communities on the tidal Hudson face rising sea levels and flood risk for important infrastructure, homes, and businesses. To help plan in addressing these threats, the Hudson River Estuary Program has created two short videos on the history and future of the Hudson. These videos, funded by NEIWPCC, are designed to show communities how they can adapt to climate change while prioritizing ecological and social resiliency. The videos are available with both English and Spanish subtitles.

History of the Hudson: Hope for the Future” looks back to when pollution was prevalent along the Hudson River, showing the life-changing impact of environmental cleanups, and improvements to public access by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and other leading organizations. With climate change, waterfront communities consider what the future could look like, while adapting to the reality of sea-level rise. The film is dedicated to the Lenape, Mohican, and Wappinger peoples of the Hudson Valley.

Future of the Hudson: Develop A Climate Resilience Vision” highlights how communities along the Hudson are envisioning the future in response to the climate change crisis and sea level rise. One key step is creating a community-led climate resilience vision in adapting to climate change. The video stresses that everyone, including low-income and communities of color, must be meaningfully represented in a vision for the future and the process for creating it.

The NYSDEC’s website features additional videos offering guidance and more information on adaptive action: Climate-Adapted Communities in the Hudson River Estuary.