Two pages of yellow and brittle paper contain the typed record of the Commission’s first meeting in 1947. All three members were present.

From the minutes:

At the invitation of Dr. Vlado A. Getting, member of the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission representing the state of Massachusetts, the first meeting of the commission following enactment of the compact by the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and approval of the compact by Congress was held at the offices of the Massachusetts Department of Health in Boston on November 25, 1947, at 11 AM.

The Commission elected temporary officers and a Committee on Bylaws. It appointed four to the Technical Advisory Committee and created and appointed members to a Nominating Committee.

Commissioners discussed outreach to nonmember New England states and New York, including inviting representatives to attend future meetings.

The establishment of permanent headquarters and the engagement of an Executive Secretary was referred to the Advisory Committee for consideration in a report.

The Commission referred issues “relative to Federal Stream Pollution Legislation” to the advisory committee, set the time and place of its next meeting, distributed a press release, and adjourned at 12:15 PM.

Walter J. Shea
Temporary Secretary
December 3, 1947