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NEBAWWG - MAWWG Wetlands Workgroup Meeting Presentations

View the 2018 presentations from the NEBAWWG – MAWWG Wetlands Workgroup Meeting linked below.

Cheryl Bondi, New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services
Mitigation tools and opportunities to improve aquatic connectivity in NH

Rob Brooks, Corina Fernandez & Mike Nassry, Riparia at Penn State
Riparian Forest Buffers in the Susquehanna-Chesapeake: Performance of CREP Projects

Elizabeth Byers, West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection
Innovations in Functional Assessments – an Example from West Virginia

Denise Clearwater, Maryland Dept. of the Environment
Considerations for Riparian Areas in a Stream Mitigation Assessment

Kathleen Drake, EPA Region 2
Intro to Story Maps

Don Faber-Langendoen, NatureServe
Building Reference Wetland Networks in the Region to Enhance Assessment, Conservation, Restoration and Mitigation

Dave Goerman, Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
Integration of Headwater Resources

Scott Jackson, UMass Amherst
Wetlands Assessment, Aquatic Connectivity & Conservation Assessment & Prioritization System (CAPS)

Mike McHugh and Lisa Rhodes, Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection
Mapping Massachusetts Wetlands

Paul Minkin, US Army Corps of Engineers- New England
Erica Sachs Lambert, EPA Region 1
Developing a Regional Wetland Functional Assessment Method

Patrick Raney, Ducks Unlimited
Mapping wetland features from geostatistical models

Andy Robertson, St. Mary’s University on Minnesota
Summary of ASWM Floodplain Workshop

ESRI Story Maps: Case Studies from Spatial Data & Mapping

Alison Rogerson, Delaware Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Delaware Living Shoreline Storymap

Gregg Serenbetz, US EPA
NWCA data and applications for state wetland programs

Laura Shappell, New York Natural Heritage Program
A three-tiered approach to wetland condition assessment in New York State

Developing functional assessment for NYS wetlands

Marla Stelk, Association of State Wetland Managers
Future Directions: Building State Capacity

Jeremy Waddell, Wendy Walsh and Melissa Yearick, Upper Susquehanna Coalition
Introduction to the Upper Susquehanna Watershed

Kathleen S. Walz, New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection
New Jersey’s Wetland Condition Assessment Intensification Study: A Multi-Tiered Assessment of Wetlands and Watersheds

Wrap-Up Sessions

State Updates