Upcoming UST Inspector Training Webinars

NLPA/KWA Standard 823 – Preventative Maintenance, Repair and In-situ Construction of Petroleum Sumps

The webinar will begin with EPA’s perspective on the need for a code of practice regarding preventative maintenance, repair, and in-situ construction of petroleum sumps. Attendees will then hear from the Chair of the Standard 823 Committee regarding what the 2020 standard entails and how it addresses a number of subjects associated with petroleum sumps and UST systems. Finally, attendees will hear a contractor’s perspective on how Standard 823 impacts work done at UST facilities.


  • Russ Brauksieck, Senior Analyst – U.S. EPA
  • Tony Rieck, President and CEO – T.R. Consulting, Inc.
  • Ed Kubinsky, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Training and Certification – Crompco, LLC

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