2020 NTC Webinar Series

NEIWPCC continues to work with our partners to offer a series of webinars in 2020 based on the themes planned for this year’s now-postponed National Tanks Conference (NTC). See below for more information on upcoming webinars and to access archived webinars and slides.

Upcoming Webinars

We expect that the final webinar in the 2020 NTC Webinar Series will cover topics related to State Funds, Financial Responsibility, and Insurance. Please stand by for more information about the next webinar, which is tentatively planned for November/December.

Archived Webinars

LUST Corrective Action: Resources, Case Study, and a Discussion on Remedial Design Characterization and In-Situ Remedial Methods (10/14/20)

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Webinar attendees learn how the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council’s (ITRC) web-based resources can be accessed and used in the cleanup of LUST sites, particularly for sites employing in situ remediation and injection. We discuss the remediation of a LUST site in Kentucky that presents unique considerations related to the use of surface geophysical methods prior to invasive bedrock investigation and remediation. Finally, we discuss the value of the remedial design characterization (RDC) and advancements made in in-situ injection techniques for remediation. Webinar wrap-up provides perspectives from the panel on the investigation and remediation of LUST sites via audience Q&A.


  • Kristopher McCandless, CPG | Environmental Geologist – VA DEQ
  • Vicki Voisard, PG | Geologist Registered – KY DEP
  • Bill Brab, CPG, PG | Senior Remediation Geologist – AST Environmental, Inc.

Collaborating Across Regulatory Programs to Achieve Shared Goals (9/24/20)

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Webinar attendees learn about the impact of hydrostatic sump testing across Pennsylvania’s UST, LUST, and State Fund Programs. We hear about how cross-training within New Hampshire’s Oil Remediation and Compliance Bureau has facilitated cohesion, strength, and growth. Finally we hear about the development of South Carolina’s GIS internal viewer, see a live demonstration of the tool, and learn how each section of the state’s UST Program uses this tool to forward their work.


  • Kris Shiffer, Storage Tank Program Manager – PA DEP
  • Suzanne Connelly, Project Manager – NH DES
  • Meredith Love, Hydrogeologist II – SC DHEC

Emergency Power Generator UST Systems (7/22/20)

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This webinar focuses on Emergency Power Generator UST Systems (EPG UST systems), in which our speakers cover a wide range of relevant topics. In this webinar, we have an EPA update on UST regulatory requirements as they relate to EPG UST systems. We also cover considerations for EPG UST systems such as design, installation, and options for meeting pressurized piping release detection requirements. We also get to hear a state’s perspective of lessons learned from regulating emergency power generator UST systems. This webinar has an introduction and welcome message from EPA OUST Director, Carolyn Hoskinson.


  • Carolyn Hoskinson, Director, EPA OUST — US EPA
  • Tim Smith, Environmental Protection Specialist — US EPA
  • Seth Hendrix, Environmental Science Specialist — Montana DEQ
  • John V. Cignatta, PhD, PE Vice President — Datanet Engineering, Inc.