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Annual NPS Conference 2014

Keynote Address

Capisic Brook – An Urban Impaired Stream’s Journey from Apathy to Accolades
Douglas Roncarati, Stormwater Program Coordinator, City of Portland

General Session 1: Common Cents – Can Stormwater Utilities Work in New England?

Stormwater Utilities in New England: Past, Present, Future
Kerry Reed, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

Stormwater Utility Funding in Rhode Island
Andrew Reese, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure
Elizabeth Scott, RI DEM

Concurrent Session 2.1: Hit the Road – Using Pavement as a BMP

Porous Alley Demonstration Project: Boston’s South End
Pallavi Mande, Charles River Watershed Association
Annie Bastoni, VHB

Advances in Porous Pavement: Modular Precast Porous Concrete
Gregg Novick, Porous Technologies

Is Your Road a BMP?
David Nyman, Comprehensive Environmental

Concurrent Session 2.2: Work with What You’ve Got – Non-Construction LID

Keep Your Trees – They’re BMPs!
Henry Barbaro, MassDOT Highway Division

Tree Filter Systems for Sustainable Stormwater Management
Paul Iorio, StormTree

Rhode Island Low Impact Development Site Planning and Design Guidance Manual for Communities
Scott Millar, RI DEM

Concurrent Session 3.1: Never Stop Improving – Impervious Cover and Wastewater Alternatives

Re-evaluating Estimates of Impervious Cover and Riparian Zone Condition in New England Watersheds: Green Infrastructure Effectiveness at the Watershed Scale
Jessica Morgan, URI/U.S. EPA ORD
Alisa Morrison, U.S. EPA ORD

Does Impervious Cover Reduction Really Work? Urban Watershed Renewal in Berry Brook
Robert Roseen, Geosyntec

Economic, Environmental, and Social Impacts of Reducing the Sewer Footprint through Non-traditional Technologies
Paul Niedzwiecki, Cape Cod Commission

Concurrent Session 3.2: What’s New – Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Management Problems

Sawmill Pond Regenerative Step-Pool Stormwater Retrofit: From Watershed Management Plan to Construction of an Innovative Best Management Practice
Justin Lamoureux, Horsley Witten Group
Geraldine Camilli, Horsley Witten Group
Jon Reiner, AICP

Roger Williams Park Pond Water Quality Restoration: Low Cost Solutions for Stormwater Management through Partnerships and Simple Infrastructure Changes
Robert McMahon, City of Providence
Laura Ernst, Land & Coastal Services

The Nose Knows: Utilizing Canine Scent Tracking to Target Bacteria Impairments in Surface Waters
Forrest Bell, FB Environmental Associates
Scott Reynolds, Canine Training for Environmental Canine Services

General Session 4: You Had to Be There – Case Studies in LID

A Retrospective Assessment of Local LID Requirements in South Portland
Fred Dillon, City of South Portland
Steve Puleo, City of South Portland

Costs of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Through Three Case Studies in Philadelphia
Rod Ritchie, AKRF

General Session 5: BMP Cost and Maintenance – Using “Common Cents”

Stormwater Management and Maintenance from the Public Works Perspective
Chuck Eaton, CME Associates

A Comparison of Maintenance Cost, Labor Demands, and System Performance for LID and Conventional Stormwater Management
James Houle, UNH Stormwater Center

Field Trip: BMP Walking Tour at Bristol Town Beach

Green is Gold: Bristol Town Beach Redevelopment
Walter Burke & Ed Tanner, Town of Bristol