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Annual NPS Conference 2011

Welcome To New York: Green Infrastructure in the Empire State

“Greening” the State Revolving Fund
Sandra Allen, New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation

Going Green with the New York State Stormwater Design Manual
Shohreh Karimipour, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Green Infrastructure in the Hudson Valley
Emily Vail, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


Session 1.1: Stormwater Retrofits: New Approaches to Built Land

Retrofit of Highwood Estates Detention Basins to enhance Water Quality Benefits
Steven Trinkaus, Trinkaus Engineering, LLC

Stormwater Retrofitting on a Community Scale: The Tale of Lake George
David Wick, Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District

Evaluation of a Green Courtyard: Stormwater Reduction and Treatment at an Aluminum Smelter
Darshanamala Dissanayake, Clarkson University


Session 1.2: Addressing NPS-related Impairments through Assessment and Planning

Keeping a Water off the State’s 303(d) List for Impairment, a Case Study: Crosby Brook, Brattleboro, Vermont
James Pease, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Integrated Water Resource and Infrastructure Characterization at a Municipal Scale
Amy Macrellis, Stone Environmental, Inc.

Nitrogen Reduction in the Great Bay Estuary: “Let’s Try a Different Game Plan”
Zachary Henderson and Paul Hogan, Woodard & Curran


Session 2.1: A Community Involvement Approach to Stormwater

Changing Homeowner Behavior by Providing Incentives to Follow Stormwater BMPs
Ross Saxton, Lake Champlain International, Inc.

Onondaga County’s “Save the Rain” Program
BJ Adigun, CH2M Hill

Partnering to Improve Stormwater Quality in the Blackstone River Watershed
Elizabeth Scott, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Eugenia Marks, Audubon Society of Rhode Island
Peter Coffin, Blackstone River Coalition


Session 2.2: Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems – Management Approaches and New Technology

Alternative Wastewater Treatment Technologies in Real Life
George Barden, Canandaigua Lake Watershed Commission

Reducing Phosphorus Loading from Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in the Greenwood Lake Watershed
Dave Braun, Stone Environmental

A New Level of Onsite Wastewater Treatment with Passive Technology
Mike Carbonneau, Presby Environmental, Inc.
Justin DaMore, Morning Star Distribution


NPS Field Trips Briefings

Norlite in Stormwater Applications
Bill Wolfe, Norlite Corporation


Session 3.1: Stormwater BMPs – Addressing Hydrologic Performance

Hydrologic Performances of Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt Pavement Systems
Tom Ballestero, University of New Hampshire

Filtration Avoidance Determination-related Stormwater Control at Maple Avenue in Westchester, New York
Jesse Horsford, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Low Impact Development Hydrology Considerations
Chris Navitsky, FUND for Lake George


Session 3.2: New Approaches to Old Problems: Impervious Cover, Pathogens and Nutrients

Impact of LID Options for Reducing Runoff: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Joseph Bushey, University of Connecticut

Statewide Bacteria TMDLs in New England: Success Stories and the Local Level
Forrest Bell, FB Environmental

Phosphorus Treatment: Advanced Removal Mechanisms and Amended Design for Stormwater BMPs
Scott Perry, Imbrium Systems


Session 4.1: Stormwater Management Tools

Stormwater Best Management Practice Effectiveness Tracking Toolkit
Naomi Detenbeck, U.S. EPA, Atlantic Ecology Division

The Watershed Treatment Model: A Tool for Assessing Watershed Program Implementation
Deb Caraco, Center for Watershed Protection
Paula Smith, Monroe County Department of Environmental Services


Session 4.2: Watershed Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Use of the Gulf of Maine Council’s Ecosystem Indicator Reporting Tool for Tracking Eutrophication
Christine Tilburg, Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment

Recovery Potential Screening Applications in New England
Douglas Norton, U.S. EPA, Headquarters