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Franklin Fueling Systems

INCON TS-STS Sump Test System



Minimum Level Change (MLC) of 0.00192 inch in 15 minutes with PD = 95%
Please be aware that the authority having jurisdiction in your particular state, territory, tribe or municipality may have set a minimum detectable leak rate for Secondary and Spill Containment Test Methods.

Leak Threshold 0.0020 inch/15min (0.008 inch/hour).
A containment vessel should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss or gain that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Water, water-based test solution.
Specification System tests wetted portion of turbine, transition and dispenser containment sumps, and spill buckets after test liquid is temporarily added above level of all containment vessel penetration holes, as in accordance with PEI RP-1200 requirements.
Uses a magnetostrictive probe to measure rise or drop of liquid level.
Waiting Time Water level readings must stabilize (due to distortion of sumps and wave action) and temperature in sump must be close to equilibrium prior to beginning test.
Test Period 15 minutes.
System Features Up to 4 sumps can be tested at the same time.
Calibration No calibration is required.
Comments Operates similar to an automatic tank gauge, but is portable.
Probe must be suspended as described in the installation manual to keep the probe as vertical as possible.
Probe should be adjusted so there is minimal contact between the rod and the float.
The sump water level can be displayed at any time.
A printout of the initial and final levels is provided automatically at the conclusion of the test.
Results may be converted to gal/hr using beginning and ending of test surface area of liquid in test vessel.


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