Issue Date: August 23, 1999
Revision Date: March 10, 2000


EnviroSIR Version 1.0


Certification Leak rate of 0.2 gph with PD = 97.4% and PFA = 0.1% 
Leak rate of 0.1 gph with PD = 97.4% and PFA = 2.6%
Leak Threshold 0.15 gph for leak rate of 0.2 gph.
0.05 gph for leak rate of 0.1 gph. 
A tank system should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss or gain that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Gasoline, diesel.
Tank Capacity Maximum of 45,000 gallons for single tanks. 
Maximum of 45,000 gallons cumulative capacity for manifolded tank systems with no more than 4 tanks in the system.
Data Requirement Minimum of 28 days of usable product level and flow through data.
System Features Method of data analysis that system employs, and was used during evaluation process, is exclusive of any external control by vendor. 
System consists of a fully automated software package with embedded algorithms for conducting leak detection testing. Consequently, third party evaluation procedure demonstrated that system can be used in-house with no requirement for direct vendor participation, except in certain rare cases when system generates a flag that requires a vendor trained and certified specialist to analyze data and make the final decision. 
System incorporates context-sensitive "Help" information.
Evaluation Features Evaluator tested this system for in-house use. Computer program disk along with instructional documentation was supplied by vendor to evaluator. Evaluator, without vendor involvement, analyzed required data and performed evaluation using program disk and accompanying documentation. Vendor was not present during evaluation. 
This system was also evaluated using a leak threshold of 0.1gph for leak rate of 0.2 gph and is available at the user's request.
Comments 53% of data sets evaluated were from manifolded tank systems. 
Of 43 data sets submitted for evaluation, all were analyzed with conclusive results. 
Median monthly throughput for tanks evaluated was 18,897 gallons. 
Leak rates of 0.05, 0.10, and 0.20 gph were used in evaluation. Data sets evaluated were supplied by evaluator.



Evaluator:  Ken Wilcox Associates

1003 East Saint Mary Blvd., P.O. Box 52565

Tel:  (816) 443-2494

Lafayette, LA 70505

Date of Evaluation:  10/20/98

Tel:  (337) 935-0205



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