Issue Date February 24, 2023

Dover Fueling Solutions

MagLink LX Electronic Line Leak Detector for Rigid, Semi-Rigid, Flexible and/or Combination Pipelines


Certification Leak rate of 3.0 gph at 10 psi* with PD = 100% and PFA = 0%.
Leak rate of 0.2 gph at operating pressure with PD = 100% and PFA = 0%. 
Leak rate of 0.1 gph at 1.5 times operating pressure* with PD = 100% and PFA = 0%.
*Since leak rate varies as a function of pressure, this leak rate and pressure were certified using an equivalent leak rate and pressure, in accordance with an acceptable protocol.
Leak Threshold 1.5 gph for leak rate of 3.0 gph.
0.1 gph for leak rate of 0.2 gph.
0.05 gph for leak rate of 0.1 gph.
A pipeline system should not be declared tight if the test result indicates a loss that equals or exceeds this threshold.
Applicability Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, #4 and #6 fuel oil, solvents, used oil, ethanol blends up through E100, biodiesel blends B6-B20 meeting ASTM D7467, biodiesel B100 meeting ASTM D6751.
Specification System tests pressurized rigid, flexible, and combinations of rigid and flexible pipelines.
Tests are conducted at operating pressure.
System will not function with a mechanical line leak detector installed in the pipeline.
Pipeline Capacity For 3.0 gph (hourly), 0.2 gph (monthly) and 0.1 gph (annual) leak rate test:
Maximum of 124 gallons flexible or semi-rigid pipe
Maximum of 559 gallons for combination (flex, semi-rigid, rigid) pipelines with a minimum bulk modulus of 21,987 psi.
Waiting Time None between delivery and testing.
None between dispensing and testing.
Test Period Response time is 13 to 14 minutes (average test time of 14 minutes) for a leak rate of 3.0 gph.
Response time is 5 to 6 hours (average test time of 5.5 hours) for a leak rate of 0.2 gph.
Response time is 5 to 15 hours (average test time of 14.25 hours) for leak rate of 0.1 gph.
Test data are acquired and recorded by a microprocessor.
Calculations are automatically performed by the microprocessor.
System Features Maglink LX console used in this evaluation with Dover ELLD.
Permanent installation on pipeline.
Automatic testing of pipeline.
Preset threshold.
Pump shutdown (optional), message display and alarm activation if leak is declared.
Calibration System must be checked annually and, if necessary, calibrated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
Comments System was evaluated on a pipeline consisting of rigid and flexible piping, and the resulting combined bulk modulus was determined by physical measurement at evaluator’s facility.
During initial setup, it is necessary to program the console by activating the consoles “learn” mode in order for the console to gather data on the pipeline with a Dover supplied leak orifice installed. Once the “learn” mode is finished, the system is ready to monitor the pipeline and will not need to be re-programmed unless the line characteristics change.


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