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As a complement to our magazine, NEIWPCC publishes the Internet Water Report, a quarterly email newsletter that we also call iWR.

This email newsletter emphasizes condensed, timely news while the magazine features in-depth analysis and reporting.

Both share the same aim: to deliver the latest information on water and wastewater issues and on the Commission’s work for clean water.

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Internet Water Report

October 2019 • The email newsletter of the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, publisher of Interstate Waters

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People drinking water that flwos from taps set into a marble fountain

Taking the Waters: NEIWPCC commissioners and staff members sample water from the Congress Spring in Saratoga Springs, New York, during the evening recess of the September 12 Commission meeting there. At the meeting, the Commission adopted a budget for fiscal 2020 and elected officers: Chair Mark Klotz (NYSDEC), Vice Chair Peter LaFlamme (Vt. DEC), and Treasurer Harry Stewart.

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