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October 2019 • The email newsletter of the NEIWPCC, publisher of Interstate Waters

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People drinking water that flwos from taps set into a marble fountain

Taking the Waters: NEIWPCC commissioners and staff members sample water from the Congress Spring in Saratoga Springs, New York, during the evening recess of the September 12 Commission meeting there. At the meeting, the Commission adopted a budget for fiscal 2020 and elected officers: Chair Mark Klotz (NYSDEC), Vice Chair Peter LaFlamme (Vt. DEC), and Treasurer Harry Stewart.

Biotic Index Promises Monitoring Insights

The Bugs Tell the Tale

Sampling crews in hip waders working in a stream

Members of two sampling crews survey Round Top Brook in Burrillville, R.I., on August 2.

A scientist wades into a slow-moving stream and brushes one square meter of the stream-bottom surface into a net.

The procedure collects large invertebrates—mostly insects—for study. These bottom-dwelling animals are good indicators of stream health over time. There are many species, and some tolerate pollution better than others. (more…)

Disinfection Innovation

Move over, chemical disinfection! Other affordable treatment technologies are in the wings.

Inside an open cabinet below a kitchen sink, there is a small blue box.

Advances in LED technology have made UV-LED disinfection practical and affordable for multiple applications, according to webinar presenters. The small under-sink unit above (enlarged image inset) uses germicidal UV to disinfect to up 1 gallon per minute using less than 3 watts of power.

Last month, NEIWPCC hosted a pair of online talks by scientists developing alternative disinfection technologies.


A Day of Estuary Outreach

Man shaking hands with an exhibitor oiver a literature table
Boy with small colored fish on a hook
SHand-lettered sign reading "Be a Good Egg and Don't be Absurd,, Protect tthe Bird"
Young boy inspecting a feather with help from staff person
Boy at a crafts table with a staff person, bay with boats in the background
A small own preched on a gloved hand
Discussion around a chart at a table outdoors


Long Island (Estuary Day)

Long Island (Estuary Day)


Hudson River (Science on the River)

Good Egg

Long Island (Estuary Day)

Long Island (Estuary Day)


Hudson River (Science on the River)

sarah at the arts and crafts table cropped

Long Island (Estuary Day)

Long Island (Estuary Day)


Hudson River (Science on the River)

failures chart

Long Island (Estuary Day)

Long Island (Estuary Day)

Long Island (Estuary Day)

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Scenes from outreach events on Long Island and on the Hudson River on Estuary Day, September 14.

The Saturday of National Estuaries Week is emerging as a regular public-outreach event in New York for many NEIWPCC partners.

For the second year in a row, NEIWPCC staff members at the Long Island Sound Study and Peconic Estuary Program teamed up with the South Shore Estuary Reserve and others for Estuary Day on September 14.

That was also the date for Science on the River, which the Hudson River Estuary Program and Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve has held at Norrie Point eight times since 2010. (more…)

Not Just for Water Supply

Water Reuse Addresses Stormwater, Nutrients

water-recycling symbol

When state water agencies gathered in San Diego last month to discuss water-reuse activities and regulations, the dry states of the West focused on reducing demand for water.

However, water reuse also promises to reduce runoff and nutrient pollution, even in the water-rich Northeast. (more…)

In Brief

New Hampshire has banned PFAS in firefighting foams.

New York City is doubling its green-infrastructure program.

Green New Deal? The EPA boasts that $7B in water-infrastructure loans will “create over 12,000 jobs.” The total includes $269M partial funding of a CSO-management project for Narragansett Bay.

Efforts in the Granite State to inhibit the spread of invasive aquatic species are paying off.

The staff of the Hudson River Estuary Program collaborated with Robert Krullwich and others from Radiolab to produce a program about migratory eels. The freewheeling episode aired in late September.

One lump or two: Plastic teabags shed billions of microplastic particles per cup, according to a recent study.

The Peconic Estuary Program invites comment on the latest draft of its comprehensive conservation-and-management plan.


We are pleased to welcome the following new  NEIWPCC Commission and staff members:


  • Lori Cragin, Vermont Department of Health

Lowell, Mass. Headquarters

  • Nicholas Bissonnette, environmental analyst, Wastewater
  • Maryann Dugan, environmental analyst, Water Quality
  • Vivian Frausto, Information Officer/Events and Operations Coordinator, Business Operations
  • Emma Gildesgame, environmental analyst, Water Quality
  • Alexandra Morneau, administrative assistant, Business Operations

Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, Staatsburg, N.Y.

  • McKenna Koons, assistant environmental analyst/research technician

New York State Department of Health (various locations)

  • Neena Johnson, environmental analyst/drinking water specialist, Rochester
  • Roselina Quadros, environmental analyst/drinking water specialist, New York City
  • Michael Young, environmental analyst/drinking water specialist, Syracuse


NEIWPCC is sadden by the passing of two former Commissioners: Astrid Hanzalek, who passed away on September 1, and Lester Sutton on October 14. Hanzalek and Sutton both served as non-agency Commissioners from 1993 to 2015 and 1999 to 2011, respectively.


Notices and Events


NEIWPCC is currently hiring an Environmental Analyst with the Lake Champlain Basin Program in Grand Isle, Vermont. (Apply by October 25.)

Requests for proposals, employment opportunities, and internships are posted as they become available.


We offer courses and workshops around the region for wastewater and drinking water professionals. See NEIWPCC’s Training and Renewals web page.
New events are added regularly to our calendar page.

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