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April 22, 2020 • The quarterly e-newsletter of NEIWPCC

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On Earth Day, Many Changes

New NEIWPCC logo
Today, on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, states are finding new ways to protect water quality in the midst of pandemic health advisories and work-from-home orders.

And NEIWPCC has been finding ways to support our member states.

Our meetings and events have been postponed or reconfigured, our projects delayed or recalibrated, and we have adapted to radically different work rhythms and tools.

Business is not as usual, but we are in business.

As part of that business, we bring you the result of nearly two years of work on how we explain ourselves to the world.

While we wish we were reintroducing ourselves under better circumstances, we’re excited to share with you our new brand and strategic plan.

That includes a new logo and a new twist on our name.

We wish you the very best in the weeks and months to come.

Reintroducing NEIWPCC

Seven decades of impact, seven letters for our future

Since 1947, NEIWPCC has helped the states of the Northeast preserve and advance water quality.

We have engaged and convened water quality professionals and other interested parties to collaborate on water, wastewater, and environmental science challenges across shared regions, ecosystems, and areas of expertise.


We are doubling down on our name

We know that our name has presented a challenge in the past—and we have heard lots of versions over the years! After extensive research, we have decided to embrace our acronym, NEIWPCC, as our name.

From now on, refer to us as “NEIWPCC” in spoken and written settings. Say goodbye to all of those old versions of our name. And say hello to:


Our New Look

Fresh, Open, Collaborative

While it was difficult to part with the old logo, we felt we needed a new look that better represented our dynamic, collaborative, and cross-cutting nature.

NEIWPCC’s new logo draws on visual representations of water, land, and agriculture, and of topological lines. It emphasizes the “new” name: NEIWPCC [-Ē-PĬK].

You’ll see this logo more and more as we roll out new publications and events throughout the year. (more…)


Let us reintroduce ourselves

NEIWPCC is a regional commission that helps the states of the Northeast preserve and advance water quality. (more…)

Strategic Plan

For a Bright Future

Over the past couple of years, NEIWPCC has engaged in a comprehensive, inclusive process to clarify our critical objectives and strategic goals. We are grateful to the many stakeholders who contributed throughout the process, and proud to share our new strategic plan.

Strategic Plan image

This plan is our guide for NEIWPCC’s bright future. It will help us focus our priorities, align our efforts, and make best use of the resources at our disposal. We look forward to working with you—our partners, staff, and other supporters—to make this plan a reality. (more…)

Our Work During the Pandemic

NEIWPCC adapts amid coronavirus crisis

Lonesome Lake, NH

The first thing to go was our annual “all-staff” meeting that had been planned for the end of March. By mid month it seemed clear that interstate travel was not in the cards.

Just a few days later, as state governors issued work-from-home orders, we postponed what would have been our 31st annual Nonpoint Source Conference for a year, and started cancelling training classes for wastewater operators.

We started working from home, finding new ways to collaborate online and over the phone. We cancelled the May meeting of our commissioners.

These were difficult decisions. But in the weeks that followed, we found new ways to serve our states and the people of the Northeast. (more…)

In Brief

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We’ve curated some stories from our seven states:

The EPA created a story map to celebrate its fiftieth birthday.

Our Wetlands Workgroup has been monitoring the development of the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (WOTUS), now in the Federal Register and set to take effect on June 22, 2020. Lawsuits are expected.

Researchers around the country are looking for new tools to help track how the coronavirus is spreading in wastewater. The Water Research Foundation is hosting a summit of international researchers on finding COVID-19 in sewersheds at the end of the month.

Pandemic-related work restrictions did not stop the LCBP from producing three 30-second videos explaining basic concepts related to a TMDL. They are part of a series that includes some longer videos for specific audiences and topics.

The National Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards are open for nominations until May 4, 2020.

“The dams are winning” according to this survey of dam-removal efforts in two of our watersheds.

Accolades & Events

Today, in the midst of the pandemic, we are recognizing the herculean feats of all our employees during these unprecedented times.

We are beyond fortunate to have a talented and diverse group of water quality professionals who bring their best to every situation, no matter the circumstance.

Joining our dynamic team are four new employees. At our Lowell headquarters,

  • Vincent Malaga, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Lee-Ann Wilder, Administrative Assistant, Business Operations

In New York, Gwendolyn Temple joined as an Environmental Analyst and NYSDEC Permit Writer based in Albany.

And at the Hudson River Estuary Program, former intern Aidan Mabey has joined NEIWPCC permanently as an Assistant Environmental Analyst at HREP’s Norrie Point location in Staatsburg, NY.

A very special thank you to Linda Agostinelli who stepped down as NEIWPCC’s Comptroller on February 14 after 21 years at NEIWPCC. Lucia Walker, who joined NEIWPCC in 2018, was promoted to Comptroller in February.

We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize NEIWPCC’s Administrative professionals who ensure that the behind the scenes work of every meeting, conference, event, publication, and mailing is complete, on time, and performed with a smile. Special thanks to:

  • Susan Bailey, Lowell
  • Spring Connolly, South Portland
  • Kathy Jarvis, Lake Champlain Basin Program
  • Alexandra Morneau, Lowell
  • Jennifer Sylvester, Lowell
  • Lee-Ann Wilder, Lowell

Congratulations to Wastewater and Onsite Systems Division Director Tom Groves, who recently celebrated his 30th anniversary with NEIWPCC. Groves joined NEIWPCC in 1990 as the Groundwater Coordinator and since 2000 has been leading the Wastewater and Onsite Systems programs.

Thank you to Emily Boedecker who has resigned from her position as Commissioner of the Vermont DEC. Peter Walke, who since 2017 has served as deputy secretary for the Agency of Natural Resources, will replace Boedecker as Commissioner.


The health and safety of those attending our events is important to NEIWPCC. Please check for the latest updates for events on our status page or on our calendar page.



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