LUSTLine Explores Data Standards and Storage, Electric Vehicles & More

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 | Posted in News

cover image of LUSTLine newsletterIn this latest issue (#89), contributor Jon Kelly explores the ins and outs associated with a lack of data standards for the underground storage tank (UST) community in our cover article, “Now We’re Talking.”

From there, readers can ponder the future of gas stations by delving into four trends that could profoundly impact this industry and associated federal programs.

Also in this issue, Diana Foss, a senior tanks policy analyst with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, shares her experience (and the process) with digitizing more than three decades worth of tanks-related records and historical UST facility data.

From the U.S. EPA, staffers Fran Kremer and Alex Hall discuss the new national data set and web mapping application, UST Finder, while Acting U.S. EPA OUST Director Mark Barolo delves into the compatibility of emerging fuels and UST systems. The entire issue is available online.

L.U.S.T.Line” is published twice a year and serves as the news of record for the underground storage tank community. The publication covers technical and regulatory aspects of UST compliance and release prevention, LUST (leaking underground storage tank) cleanup, financial responsibility, and other pertinent topics.