A Year for the Ages: Serving Our States in 2020

Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2021 | Posted in News

NEIWPCC’s state summaries, updated for the 2020 fiscal year, are now available online.

ConnecticutA display of three of the state summaries produced this year.
New Hampshire
New York
Rhode Island

These one-page handouts highlight how we helped the states of the Northeast preserve and advance water quality during a year dominated by the COVID-19 crisis.

From protecting the Peconic Estuary down in New York to ensuring clean drinking water up in Maine, and everything in between: the summaries highlight our on-the-ground work in each of our member states as well as the collective benefits to our states from participating in our commission.

The summaries also show how, despite barriers to in-person collaboration, NEIWPCC worked more closely than ever with our partners to face the public health and clean water challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.