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Nonpoint, Biology Conferences Gear Up

Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 | Posted in iWR-1-20

NEIWPCC’s conference season begins on March 4 in Newport, Rhode Island, with the Northeast Aquatic Biologists Conference.

Its 31st annual Nonpoint Source Conference follows on April 23 in Woodstock, Vermont.

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NEIWPCC plans these events every year in conjunction with the environmental agencies of the host states, which change every year.

Later this year, NEIWPCC will offer a national workshop that highlights ways the New England states are getting the most out of the federal State Revolving Funds.

The National Tanks Conference will follow in late September.

2020 Events

Aquatic Biologists—This conference will offer 19 workshops on such topics as bioassessments and biocriteria, innovative cyanobacteria monitoring, river connectivity, and Clean Water Act assessments. Newport, Rhode Island, March 4–6.

Nonpoint Source Pollution—Under the theme “the Watershed Approach,” this year’s conference will address themes and topics in managing nonpoint source pollution through collaboration and communication. Registration opens in February. Woodstock, Vermont, April 23–24.

State Revolving Fund—Since 1996, the federal Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRFs) have been the principal sources of federal aid for state water projects. The EPA has selected NEIWPCC to hold an annual SRF workshop for the next four years starting this summer.

The conference is primarily for managers of state funds. This year’s conference, for a national audience, will focus on innovative ways that states in the EPA’s Region 1 have made use of the SRFs.

Tanks—NEIWPCC has run the National Tanks Conference for underground storage tank (UST) professionals since 2005. This year the conference will be in Pittsburgh, September 22–24.

The conference’s call for abstracts is currently open until February 7 on such topics as

  • UST compliance (including measurement, enforcement, and technology)
  • Leaking UST cleanup (enforcement, remediation, contamination models)
  • Finance (state funds, insurance)
  • Cross-program topics.

NEIWPCC, with EPA sponsorship, has organized the past 10 National Tanks Conferences. The previous conference, in Phoenix, was held in 2018.

NEIWPCC also publishes LUSTLine, a national tanks newsletter.

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