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From Tanks to Wind and other News

Posted on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 | Posted in News

NEIWPCC’s oldest continuous publication publishes late summer edition.

The 86th issue of L.U.S.T.Line features the story behind the decommissioning and removal of leaking underground tanks in New Shoreham, Rhode Island.

Goodbye Tank Farm, Hello Wind Farm

Our cover story features an  in depth look into how the state and a private power company worked to decommission and remove diesel tanks and harness the power of off-shore wind in Rhode Island.

Authored by Sofia Kaczor, a twenty-nine year veteran (now retired) with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s LUST Program, the article provides a full UST (and island) history.

In Tank-nically Speaking, a nationally-recognized petroleum-storage specialist, Marcel Moreau covers underground storage tank overfill prevention.

Other topics in this issue include:

  • UST sump testing
  • Closing LUST sites with contamination in place, and
  • At risk: bad data

Since its inception in 1985, the newsletter has evolved into the paper of record for underground-storage-tanks news and issues nationally, and is available both in print and online.

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