Decentralized Treatment Professionals Gather

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On April 2–4, septic system professionals and others in the field of onsite wastewater treatment gathered in Mystic, Connecticut for the sixth Northeast Onsite Wastewater Treatment Short Course and Equipment Exhibition.

NEIWPCC convenes the event about every three years, with support from several agencies and organizations. The focus is on decentralized wastewater treatment.

That includes backyard septic tanks and larger-flow onsite systems at places such as schools, shopping malls, and condominium developments.

The Short Course

The event’s 177 participants included onsite system designers and other engineers; installers; maintenance providers; local, state, and federal regulators; wastewater operators of decentralized systems; and product manufacturers.

Attendees and speakers came from all around the region, and there were also speakers and exhibitors from California, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, and Quebec.

Sessions covered foundational principles of decentralized wastewater treatment, as well such topics as

  • the effects of sea level rise and more-frequent storms on coastal homes’ septic systems,
  • greenhouse gas emissions from soils treating wastewater,
  • how the biochemistry of an onsite system at an elementary school is different from that of a shopping mall with restaurants.

The conference also featured an exhibit hall and a “vendor training” session track, in which attendees could learn about companies’ treatment technologies from company representatives.

The event’s field trip highlighted the use of membrane-filtration technology in onsite systems at a condominium development and two shopping malls.

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