Marsh Monitoring & More in iWR

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 | Posted in News

The January issue of NEIWPCC’s quarterly e-newsletter looks at marsh monitoring on the Hudson River and an unusually broad complement of spring conferences for scientists, wastewater operators, and other environmental professionals.

A man and a woman kneeling and lying on a narrow metal platform are taking measurements in the middle of a marsh

Chris Mitchell, a NEIWPCC-HRNERR researcher, and Lisa Williams, an intern, measure vegetation elevation levels from a surface elevation table at the Norrie Point tidal marsh. SARAH FERNALD

Other stories describe how researchers ensure their work is reliable, and profile the new director of the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program.

Another reports on the effects of the partial government shutdown on the Commission and its work.

Six spring and late winter events are as follows:

Northeast Aquatic Biology (February 27 – March 1, Saratoga Springs)

Long Island Sound Research Conference (March 15, Port Jefferson)

Onsite Short Course (April 2 – 4, Groton)

Nonpoint Source Pollution (April 18 – 19, Portsmouth)

North Country Convention (April 24 – 25, Presque Isle)

State of the Blackstone Watershed (April 29, Worcester)

View NEIWPCC’s calendar for further details.

You can read the January issue online or subscribe to the email version via email.