Water Quality Class Draws Realtors

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018 | Posted in iWR-7-18, Maine

The effect of lake water quality on property values is the topic of a new course that is proving popular with Maine real estate professionals.

This spring, 244 real estate professionals attended the 3-hour course from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and NEIWPCC’s JETCC program.

Nearly 100 real estate professionals attended the class in Augusta, Maine.

The course, which has been offered 3 times, includes a review of environmental laws affecting lakefront property.

Maine has more than 6,000 lakes; and together they generate $3.5 billion a year for the state’s economy. Eroded soil is the biggest source of pollution to the state’s lakes.

On all three dates the course was offered, real estate professionals registered in droves. The first class, in Portland in March, had to be moved from a venue with a capacity of 40 people to that city’s Clarion Hotel. 87 people attended that day.

97 people attended on another day in Augusta, and 60 came to the course when it was offered in Brewer.

At the workshop, Maine DEP’s Bill Laflamme taught attendees about the underlying causes of water quality problems, the correlation between water quality and property values, and related environmental laws and regulations.

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