Buffers, Clean Water Act Rules in Interstate Waters

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 | Posted in iWR-4-18

The use of riparian buffers to protect water resources and reduce nutrient pollution is an in-depth story in the March issue of Interstate Waters.

The issue of NEIWPCC’s print publication also features coverage of the legal and regulatory wrangle over the scope of the Clean Water Act. The issue includes a report on the status of the proposed Chelmsford Lab closure and other issues on which NEIWPCC has weighed in on behalf of its member states.

Other articles include an account of the first meeting of NEIWPCC’s new Monitoring Workgroup, established to improve the ability of states to accept and work with data collected by volunteers.

The buffers story describes a proposed decision-making framework that values the ecological services of buffers, using three Connecticut watersheds as examples.

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The March issue is also available for download.

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