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Sump Testing

Posted on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 | Posted in News

Containment-sump testing is the focus of the December, 2017, L.U.S.T.Line, NEIWPCC’s national newsletter about underground storage tanks.

A containment sump is a liquid-tight container designed to catch leaks and spills from pipes and other components.

The December issue also looks at equipment and methods used for cathodic protection testing. Cathodic protection testing is a useful tool for monitoring and preventing corrosion in steel-walled USTs.

The issue also discusses South Carolina’s experience with using aggressive fluid vapor recovery as a corrective action strategy at sites affected by petroleum releases.

L.U.S.T.Line, published semiannually, reports on federal and state programs to control leaking underground storage tanks. To download the issue, and for more information, please visit our L.U.S.T.Line page.