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Renewal Information
for Massachusetts Onsite System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators

If you do not renew your approval, you will not be authorized to conduct Title 5 system inspections or soil evaluations until you submit a renewal form, the appropriate fee, and evidence of 10 pre-approved TCHs (training contract hours) if subsequent (2nd, 3rd, etc.) renewal and you receive a renewed approval back from NEIWPCC.  Any System Inspector or Soil Evaluator who does not submit a renewal will ultimately have their approval revoked and must retake the examination(s) to regain their approval.


In 2006, revisions to Title 5 required a renewal process for all Soil Evaluators and System Inspectors. Title 5, 310 CMR 15.000 requires these approvals be renewed on a three (3) year cycle. The regulations also state that as long as a completed application for renewal is filed based on the timelines identified in the table/grid shown in the Title 5 Renewal Fact Sheet, your initial approval will not expire until a final determination has been made on the renewal application. If you do not renew within these timeframes, you will need to retake a class and examination in order to regain an SE and/or SI approval.

In addition, the revisions to Title 5 require System Inspectors and Soil Evaluators to obtain 10 hours of approved TCHS for the second and all subsequent renewals. Any questions should be directed to the Massachusetts Certification hotline: 978-323-7929 x105, or by email at


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