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NEIWPCC is also responsible for the Massachusetts wastewater operator certification examinations. Beginning in July 2009, NEIWPCC, working with ABC and the Massachusetts Board of Certification, began offering computer-based versions of the certification exams through AMP. Certification examinations for Massachusetts operators are now ONLY offered at AMP testing locations. Presently there are 3 locations in Massachusetts as well as testing centers in RI, NH, and NY. The in-person appeal process and exam review is no longer available.


Download information here to schedule a computer-based exam directly with AMP. You no longer need to contact NEIWPCC in order to take an exam. Exams will only be administered at AMP testing centers and are by appointment only. The following AMP testing centers are available in Massachusetts; Cambridge, Holyoke, Saugus, and Framingham.

To view and try out a sample exam or to learn about the exam software, go to:


Once you have obtained a PASSING grade on the computer-based exam, you must download the computer-based exam license application form and submit it to NEIWPCC with your PASSING exam results and license fee. NEIWPCC will then issue your new wastewater license.

There is no need to contact NEIWPCC for non-passing exam results. You may schedule and re-take another computer-based exam at your earliest convenience.


For questions and information related to Massachusetts certification please view our short webinar, Becoming a Certified Wastewater Operator in Massachusetts. The slides in this webinar may be viewed separately here.

To assist in your preparation for a Massachusetts Municipal or Industrial Wastewater Certification Exam, download the Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training Exam Reference.

For recommended preparation (training) for taking a wastewater Operator license exam, please view and/or download this 2-page Exam Prep document.


Combined Grade 7 Upgrade - Massachusetts Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Note: Grade 7 Upgrade Application must be mailed to the Commonwealth of Mass.


View the Massachusetts Wastewater Operator Training Exam Results page for summary statistics of quarterly current and past exam results.


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