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    TNC Drinking Water Guide

    Download a presentation based on the TNC Guide

    Download a printable version of the TNC Guide (printing specifications below)

    Click on the cover image above to download a PDF file of the guide. To print this guide, give the PDF to your local professional printer, along with the printing specifications as listed on this page.

    Do you have a drinking water well at your gas station or know someone who does? Then this guide is for you! The purpose of Protecting the Drinking Water You Provide- A Guide for Owners and Operators of Gas Stations is to educate those who have an onsite drinking water well of their important responsibilities in meeting drinking water regulations and protecting the health of those who drink the water or otherwise come into contact with it. The booklet is colorful and educational guide that provides a general overview of the responsibilities and can be distributed electronically or through printed copies (instructions for printing are located below). Also, for those who want to train others through a presentation, we've provided Power Point slides that highlight the major themes of the piece. These can be incorporated into a larger existing Power Point for UST operator training or can be used any time you would like to educate others.

    Instructions for printing the TNC Guide: Protecting the Drinking Water you Provide, A Guide for Owners and Operators of Gas Stations

    Please note: A screened circular area at the bottom right of the cover page provides an area to place the organization's logo and name.

    Job Title: TNC Drinking Water Guide
    Description: 10-page self-cover (Back cover folds out to provide 2 additional pages to an 8-page signature.)
    Quantity: as determined by organization
    Stock: 80# ChorusArt Silk Cover - suggested (It is highly recommended that a coated, 80 lb. paper, meeting EPA post-consumer standards, be used throughout publication, including cover.)
    Flat Size: 21" x 10" cover, 14" x 10" text
    Finished Size: 7" x 10"
    Prints: 4/4 - Four Color Process
    Artwork: PDF file
    Proofs: it is recommended that a printer's proof be provided by printer to the organization for their review before going to press for final printing
    Finishing: Score and fold to 7" x 10" and saddlestitch

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