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Optimizing Nitrogen Removal in Advanced OWTS Within the Greater Narragansett Bay Watershed (6/22/2016)

Description: University of Rhode Island graduate student Brittany Lancellotti presented the preliminary findings of a study on the nitrogen-removal performance of advanced septic systems. The study received a grant in October of 2014 through the NEIWPCC/Narragansett Bay Estuary Program with funding from EPA’s Southeast New England Program for Coastal Watershed Restoration.

Evaluating Stormwater Pond Performance (8/24/2016)
Description: Becky Tharp of Lake Champlain Sea Grant described an ongoing study examining the pollution removal efficiency of floating treatment wetland (FTW) systems in stormwater ponds.

With funding from the Lake Champlain Basin Program, Becky and collaborators have studied a stormwater pond on residential land in South Burlington, Vermont, over two growth seasons (pre- and post-FTW installation). They have analyzed for changes in nutrient removal and total suspended solids removal, and monitored pond temperature, pH, and pathogenic bacteria populations.

During the webinar, Becky described the design and installation of the FTW units and presented some preliminary results.

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    Rebecca (Becky) Tharp
    Program Manager
    Green Infrastructure Collaborative
    VT Department of Environmental Conservation
    Lake Champlain Sea Grant Program
    University of Vermont


Research Plan to Advance the Understanding of Potential Coastal Green Infrastructure Strategies in New York City (3/24/2015)

Project Description: Develop a research plan that will advance the understanding of the benefits and costs of Coastal Green Infrastructure strategies, ultimately facilitating the selection and implementation of projects which can most successfully improve resiliency in the New York City coastal environment.

Low Cost Retrofits for Nitrogen Removal at Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Upper Long Island Sound Watershed (9/3/15)

Project Description: The objectives of this Project were to perform a detailed and accurate evaluation of treatment plants in the Upper Long Island Sound Watershed, evaluate ability, on a conceptual basis, to configure existing tankage and pumps for nitrogen removal; estimate impact on operation and maintenance budgets; determine training needs for plant staff; recommend whether operational and/or low cost modifications will be practical; and quantify the reduction in effluent nitrogen concentrations and mass that is likely achievable.

Tile Drainage: The Vermont Perspective (10/15/15)

Description: Discussion of agricultural tile drainage and water quality. Presentation covers findings of multiple studies and future research questions.

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    Fletcher (Kip) Potter
    Water Quality Specialist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    802-951-6796 x 238

    Eric Howe
    NEIWPCC Environmental Analyst, Lake Champlain Basin Program
    802-372-3213 x 218


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