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As a complement to our magazine, NEIWPCC publishes the Internet Water Report, a quarterly email newsletter that we also call iWR.

This email newsletter emphasizes condensed, timely news while the magazine features in-depth analysis and reporting.

Both share the same aim: to deliver the latest information on water and wastewater issues and on the Commission’s work for clean water.

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Internet Water Report

January 2019 • The email newsletter of the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, publisher of Interstate Waters

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Monitoring Impact on Tidal Marshes

A man and a woman kneeling and lying on a narrow metal platform are taking measurements in the middle of a marsh

Chris Mitchell, a NEIWPCC-HRNERR researcher, and Lisa Williams, an intern, measure vegetation elevation levels from a surface elevation table at the Norrie Point tidal marsh. SARAH FERNALD

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