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The Interstate Environmental Commission (IEC) works cooperatively with government agencies from, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York; private organizations; local communities; and individuals to coordinate and fund efforts that benefit the water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, and recreation of its states’ waters. IEC’s jurisdiction centers on the tri-state waters, encompassing the lower 50 miles of the Hudson River, the western half of the Long Island Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean from Fire Island on Long Island’s south shore, southwest to Sandy Hook New Jersey.

Like NEIWPCC, IEC assists its compact members in meeting their most pressing water quality concerns, both within and across state boundaries, by conducting such tasks as ambient monitoring; inspections for municipals, industrials, and pump stations; and coordination among the states and other partners. In order to help in the delivery of responsibilities, NEIWPCC agreed to partner with IEC to provide fiduciary responsibility, managerial and technical assistance, and guidance for a broad array of water quality program areas.

Our partnership with IEC has allowed us to affiliate ourselves with their nationally accredited environmental laboratory, which allows staff to produce technically and legally defensible environmental data through sound science and quality assurance practices. The laboratory, located on the College of Staten Island campus, maintains its certifications in conformance with the standards approved by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference.

For more information visit the IEC website, or contact Heather Radcliffe, our IEC District Program Manager.

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