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State Climate Change Adaptation in the Northeast

Climate change is currently affecting our livelihoods in a variety of ways through impacts on water, energy, transportation, agriculture, ecosystems, and human health. Communities around the country have begun adapting to the climate changes that are already underway, and an increasing number of states are beginning to focus their attention and resources towards anticipating and planning for climate change impacts; consequently they are developing and executing mitigation strategies. State and local governments are uniquely positioned to implement strategic adaptive measures to protect infrastructure, plan for sea–level rise, and increase their communities' resilience to extreme weather.

Global climate temperatures have been and will continue to increase due in part to the emission of greenhouse gases. Future climate change is projected to include a warmer atmosphere, a warmer and more acidic ocean, higher sea levels, and more frequent and intense extreme weather events. These changes could affect coastlines, water supplies, human health, ecosystems, and more. Each community will be affected differently, so formal planning and concrete actions are needed to address these changes at both the state and local level. States and municipalities are recognizing the importance of pre-emptive action to address their vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and many have begun to address adaptation concerns through broad climate action plans, or other separate efforts.

While governments act to mitigate and adapt to future climate change, they must also plan and address for its current impacts. Adaptation will require creativity, compromise, and collaboration across agencies, sectors, and traditional geographic boundaries. This website focuses on climate change efforts and actions already in progress on a local, state, and regional level in the Northeast. The site is not a comprehensive compilation of every activity in the region, but rather a collection of regional, state, and local examples related to climate change adaptation. Each state page linked below includes information on state action planning, municipal planning, regional planning, state agency efforts, climate research, and appropriate state contacts.

Regional Collaborations

Climate Change Adaptation Information by State

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