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Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2018 | Posted in New Hampshire,News

Helping wetland permit applicants “get it right the first time” was a driving force in the development of its Best Management Practice Manual, Wetlands Best Management Practice Techniques For Avoidance and Minimization.

NEIWPCC publishes New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ best management practice techniques manual to minimize impacts to state’s wetlands.

The manual is intended to provide “examples of acceptable and previously permitted wetland-friendly designs and practices that could be used by applicants when designing projects.”

Wetlands Best Management Practice Techniques For Avoidance and Minimization

It includes an exhaustive collection of examples adapted from ‘real-life’ NHDES permitting examples addressing single-family lots, subdivisions, recreational, commercial, and industrial builds. Crossings, stabilizations, plantings, and tidal-specific examples are also included.

Beyond these examples, the manual discusses in depth, the importance of protecting wetlands and the value wetlands provide in protecting groundwater, flooding, fish and animal habitats, and recreational pursuits.

This comprehensive document is one outcome from the state’s Wetlands Program’s rulemaking and process improvement effort. The process began in 2014 with public listening sessions that yielded the need for improved permitting guidance from NHDES and more detailed definitions consistent with NHDES proposed rules and threshold terms  “avoidance” and “minimization” guiding the process.

Avoidance as it applies to wetlands, includes careful analysis to ensure a project footprint has the least-damaging effects on the water source from a size, scope, and location. Minimization focuses on limiting the severity of a project’s impact on a wetland.

Published by NEIWPCC, Wetlands Best Management Practice Techniques For Avoidance and Minimization is a part of NHDES’ New Hampshire Wetland Program Plan.  The document was adapted with permission from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s manual and written by NHDES.


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