Runoff, Microfibers, Nutrients Are Reprint Topics

Posted on Friday, May 25th, 2018 | Posted in News

NEIWPCC is skimming the cream of its publications for its new reprint series.

Some reprints from NEIWPCC

Four “old” magazine stories, on microfibers, nutrient pollution, the history of clean-water work in the Northeast, and managing stormwater runoff, are still fresh and relevant.

Now they have been reissued as stand-alone reprints.

Each story is available as a web page for easy browsing, as a printable PDF document, and in print from NEIWPCC.

The first four reprints are as follows:

  • Runoff. “Soaking Up Contaminants: Innovative Prototype Park Tackles Runoff in Brooklyn NEIWPCC” Reprint 17-01 (4 pages). How a “sponge park” aims to keep pollutants from the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.
  • Microfibers. “Microfibers in the Freshwater Environment” NEIWPCC Reprint 17-02 (4 pages). Plastic fibers emerge as a contaminant of concern.
  • Nutrients. “Pollution from Everywhere: States Confront Nonpoint Source Pollution” NEIWPCC Reprint 17-03 (4 pages). Issues in nutrient pollution through the lens of Lake Champlain, Cape Cod, and Long Island Sound. A sidebar, “A Glut of Nutrients,” is a primer on nutrient pollution generally.
  • History. “Ordering the Waters” NEIWPCC Reprint 17-04 (2 pages). Work begun in the 1940s continues to guide efforts for clean water.