Magazine Examines ‘Pollution from Everywhere’

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 | Posted in iWR

Three approaches to controlling nutrient pollution are described in a story in the September, 2017, issue of Interstate Waters.

Another article tells how the early work of NEIWPCC’s Technical Advisory Board lay the groundwork for environmental progress of the 1970s and the robust state environmental-protection programs of the present day.

Other stories describe the history of water power in Lowell, Massachusetts, and share highlights from NEIWPCC’s place-based partners.

The nonpoint-source pollution story describes Vermont’s efforts to prevent nutrients and sediments from washing into Lake Champlain. It tells how permitting in Connecticut is reducing stormwater pollution into Long Island Sound, and how Cape Cod towns are controlling nutrient pollution from septic systems that has fouled the Cape’s many embayments.

Published twice annually, Interstate Waters also features news of interest to water advocates and professionals in the Northeast.

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The September issue is also available for download.

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