“Pollution from Everywhere” Tells Nonpoint Stories

Posted on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 | Posted in News

Struggles to control nonpoint-source pollution, including stories from Cape Cod, Vermont, and Long Island Sound, are the topic of the cover story of the September Interstate Waters.

NEIWPCC’s twice-a-year magazine, Interstate Waters, also features news from regional programs and a look at historical trends in clean water and NEIWPCC’s role in them.

Other stories recap the activities of NEIWPCC workgroups and explore the history of water power in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Nutrient pollution from nonpoint sources contributes to algae and plankton blooms, but for different water bodies the sources of the pollutants, and the solutions, are not always the same.

  • In Lake Champlain, most of the problem is phosphorus entering the lake in runoff, about half from agricultural lands.
  • In the Long Island Sound, urban stormwater runoff is the culprit, and the problem is excess nitrogen.
  • On Cape Cod, it’s nitrogen in leachate from septic systems.

The September issue explores this problem and more.

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Interstate Waters September 2017 for web

The September issue explores how the Commission’s early work in the 40s and 50s set the stage for later gains in water quality and protection.